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The strident blare of a horn,
An intense flash of light,
It sped through a blazing red light,
The car that hit hers.
Her head met glass,
Not shattering,
But certainly not undamaged.
She was alive.
She had been through the flame
And returned again -
Like the phoenix.
But nothing is the same twice.
The injury burned away
Everything she was -
Her memories,
Her courage.
Her voice lulled me,
She looked as she always did.
But her mind was changed -
Internal damage
That no healing tears could reach,
No matter how hard she cried -
It was her mind that was reborn.
But just as the phoenix
Learns to fly again,
She persevered.
And learned
And remembered -
Until she became
More like who she used to be.
Like the strong,
Fiery woman
I had known since childhood -
But still different.
Nothing is the same twice.
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Passing By
If you’re passing by, my friend,
Please don’t stop and stare.
It’s true I’ve yet to meet my end,
But sometimes, friend, those looks you send
Make me too aware -
That life is slowly going by
While I lie and wait
For Death to come and see that I
Am hoping for the chance to fly
Away to the Pearly Gate.
If you’re passing by, my dear,
Leave me just a thought
Of things you’ve seen both far and near,
Of the things you love and fear -
Times so dearly bought.
For I would dwell to great degree
On the thoughts you send.
Your mem’ries keep me company
As I wait until I’m free
To go and greet the end.
If you’re passing by, my dove,
Tell me that I’ll stay
Forever in your heart with love
Until the gracious skies above
Fall and fade away.
I feel my life is dwindling,
I feel the deadly fire.
All life is some great kindling
That Death is deftly swindling
Into a funeral pyre.
And when I’m passing by, my friend,
I will say farewell
To the life I could
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United States
Current Residence: Michigan
Favourite genre of music: Oldies!
Favourite cartoon character: Sokka and L
Personal Quote: "Yes, I am a freak. No, I do not care."

After Dangan Ronpa is a roleplay that takes place inside of Hope’s Peak Academy after the events of both Dangan Ronpa and Super Dangan Ronpa 2. The premise is that, somehow, after the events of the second game, everyone finds themselves inside of Hope’s Peak once again. Strangely, all those who were killed in the process have found themselves alive and well within Hope’s Peak also, with no memory past their death.

We are currently looking for new members! Please check out the members page to see what characters are currently taken or reserved. In order to apply, first send us a submission to reserve the character and then fill out the application on the same page, and submit that to us as well. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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